Heart Galleries

We represent children in foster care waiting for their forever homes by sharing their photos and stories through both physical galleries and our website. Our volunteer photographers work with us to go directly to the homes of some of our foster youth, attend events/experiences we host, and come out for our bi-annual photoshoots.
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Heart Days

While our children are waiting for their forever homes we work to support them through outings and experiences in collaboration with ChildNet and community partners. These events help show them they are not forgotten while also allowing potential adoptive families a way to interact with the children in a low-pressure and fun-filled environment.
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Uniquely You

A bi-annual photo shoot focused on empowering our kids and showing their beautiful hearts for the world to see. Volunteer photographers, hairstylists, and makeup artists come together for a day of beauty and fun as we photograph our kids to update our galleries. These photos will be used to help them find their forever home while also building their sense of self-worth and self-love.

Birthday Buddy

The Birthday Buddy program encourages anyone to get involved in foster care by giving a birthday gift to a child in our gallery. Support a child's birthday by either contributing to our Birthday Buddy fund or by donating gift cards. This will allow them the power and choice to select gifts they want based on their interests and passions.
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Back-to-School Day

Back-to-School Day is a day when our kids can come out to get a fresh new hairstyle, pick out their school supplies, and join in some end-of-summer activities with their peers. Volunteer hair stylists, photographers, and community members come together to make this a special start to the new school year.
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Adoption Awareness

Members of our team work closely with the community to provide educational seminars, set up informational booths, and host pop-up galleries to educate the community on adoption and our kids in care waiting for a forever home. Our hope is to recruit more families and combat stigmas surrounding adoption.
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