Adoption 101


Who can adopt?
Most family structures can adopt. This includes singles, married couples, same-sex couples, relatives, and non-relatives. Interested families should be financially stable.
What does "difficult-to-place child" mean?

"Difficult-to-place child" is a term used in state rules to describe certain children eligible for financial assistance in the adoption process. In the state of Florida, one or more of the following criteria qualifies a child for adoption assistance:

  • A child whose permanent custody has been awarded to the department or to a licensed child-placing agency.
  • A child who has established significant emotional ties with his or her foster parents.
  • Eight years of age or older.
  • Developmentally disabled.
  • Physically or emotionally handicapped.
  • Significant emotional ties with foster parents or a relative caregiver.
  • A member of a racial group that is disproportionately represented among children.
  • A member of a sibling group of any age, provided two or more members of a sibling group remain together for purposes of adoption.

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