True Hearts Giving Circle

True Hearts Giving Circle

Why join the True Hearts Giving Circle?

Make a lasting difference in the lives of foster youth. With an annual donation of $1000 or more, you can help:

  • Bring joy to foster youth on their special day through our Birthday Buddy program, allowing 7 children to treat themselves and have a day to remember.

  • Create unforgettable memories through Heart Days, where up to 20 foster youth get to spend the day being a kid, explore their community, discover new places, and have fun at museums, parks, game centers, and more.

  • Support educational initiatives that connect adoptive families and foster youth through physical galleries and community outreach.

All members of our True Hearts Giving Circle receive the following benefits each year:

  • Four (4) tickets to our annual Eat Your Heart Out even in October.

  • Exclusive invites to happy hour meetups where members of the True Hearts Giving Circle will be given the opportunity to network with their peers.

  • Invitations to private lunches or dinners with the Executive Director and select Board Members to receive first-hand updates on the impact of your donation, learn about exciting innovations to our programs, and ask questions in a safe educational forum. 

  • Personalized email and video updates directly from the CEO sharing stories of impact as they happen throughout the year. 

  • Name listed on our website and newsletters listing you as a member of the True Hearts Giving Circle.

Join the True Hearts Giving Circle today, and change a foster youth's life tomorrow!

True Hearts Giving Circle Founding Members:

  • KC & Tabatha Cross

  • Mike Robbins

  • Joe & Barbara Sloboda

  • Ben & Anna Sorensen

  • Fred & Carol Showker

  • Dr. Ronald Habas

  • Ralph DeLuca

*The first 20 members of our new giving circle will be known as our founding members and they are given perpetual status as a member of the giving circle with all member benefits.