**ON HOLD** Tavaris, Tariq, & Tashani

- On Hold from Taking Inquiries - Meet Tavaris, Tariq, & Tashani! A sibling group of 3.

Tavaris has a very mellow personality. He likes to make jokes, play pranks on others, and play outside freely. Tavaris doesn’t look for trouble and is a good kid in school and at home too. He is always willing to try to learn new teachings and is the first to complete his homework as soon as he is home from school. Tavaris has a special relationship with his siblings and loves them very much. The ideal family for this child is to have a large family with a lot of support for him and his younger and energetic siblings.

Tariq is such a lovable child. He is very sweet, caring, and sensitive. He is very easy to connect with as he likes to smile, tell jokes, and act like a goofball. His hobbies include playing outside, video games, football, and basketball. Although he is the middle child of his siblings, he does look out for his older brother and younger sister. The ideal family for this child would be a mother and father household, with a large support system that can offer a balance of firmness and softness.

Tashani is a sweet little girl. She is the youngest of her siblings and she loves her older brothers dearly. Nonetheless, Tashani likes to be around women and to do womanly things such as play dress up and paint her nails. She likes to look pretty and to play with dolls and Barbies. She is very soft-spoken, always smiling and laughing. She also loves to sing and can do so very well. Tashani does enjoy being in school and engaging with her peers and elders. Tashani needs a large family that is both loving and firm. A family with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, and maybe some other siblings. Tashani needs a mother who is patient and forgiving but is able to put her foot down when it needs to happen.

Photographed By: Lauren Linahon Photography & Gil Henric

Tavaris Age: 9

Tariq Age: 7

Tashani Age: 6


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