Kristen, Krystal, & Travis

Meet Kristen, Krystal, & Travis!

Meet Kristen, a bashful and loving young lady. She is playful and also enjoys playing all sports. More specifically, Kristen wants to be a WNBA player when she grows up. She is sweet and also enjoys completing puzzles. When she is not playing sports or completing puzzles, she enjoys relaxing around the house comfortably in her hoodie and sweatpants. Kristen is also a member of a sibling group that prefers eating greens and healthier food options. This child would do best with a family that can support her dreams while providing ongoing structure.

Meet Krystal, a bubbly, fun, girly girl. She enjoys exploring ways to creatively style her hair and likes to sing. Karaoke and/or singing along is one of her favorite hobbies. Krystal enjoys the opportunity to perform.  She is also very good with creative writing. She has some interest in joining volleyball or trying out tennis one day. She would do well with a family who can assist her in exploring her creative side further.

Meet Travis, a quiet and easygoing child. He does well in school and is also an excellent reader. Travis's favorite subject is math, and he also enjoys playing video games. He is very helpful and easy to get along with. He is also very responsible and reliable. This young man would do well with a family who can be supportive of him gaining social skills and an independent voice.

Photographed By: DHR Headshots & Heart Gallery of Broward

Kristen Age: 12

Krystal Age: 12

Travis Age: 11

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