Meet Jayon!

Jayon is an inquisitive child. Most of the time, he likes to follow rules and tell others what the rules are. When asked what animal he would be if he could be any animal, he stated a dog. He reports he likes kung-fu and Karate. He reported BBQ foods are his favorite foods, specifically ribs, baked beans, and Jamaican beef patties but he likes a lot of different foods. He speaks his mind and is not afraid to tell you how he feels about something. He said his favorite TV show is Family Matters. He said his favorite song is Michael Jackson, somebody’s watching me. He really enjoyed Boom Squad when he was a part of it, because they did a lot of freestyle dancing, and he likes that. He loves comedy. He likes to go to the mall and play video games. His favorite classes are English/Language Arts, Social Studies, and History. He loves to read. He is not currently participating in extracurricular activities, but he said he would be interested in basketball or football if he did. He frankly states he is not an outdoorsy kid. He likes to be inside; he doesn’t like getting all hot and sweaty. He stated listening to music helps him when he is in his feelings. He can have difficulty making friends his age due to his reactive behaviors.  

Jayon has been listed on the Heart Gallery of Broward website in partnership with Embrace Families Community Based Care of Central Florida.

Photographed By: Case Manager

AGE: 14


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