Meet Jazmin!! Jazmin describes herself as "Quiet, Sassy, and a little funny, here and there.”

She can be an introvert but shines bright when she is with people she is comfortable with. Jazmin loves to draw and read. She is an amazing artist and is also pretty good at math! Ideally, Jazmin imagines a family with two parents who are loving and supportive. Included in this family are two cats, one dog, and possibly her brother (in that order). Jazmin states that she would prefer to have siblings her own age, however, she would be open to having a younger sister. She would also prefer her parents to either be members of the LGBTQ+ community or be Allies. She wants a “fun family” that does activities and likes to joke around. She would also love a family that is open to/likes to match with one another. Lastly, she stated that she would like her potential family to be understanding of the fact that she has not yet mastered cooking and maintaining a clean space, but she is trying, and is open and eager to learn. 

Photographed By: Case Manager

AGE: 15


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