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Ozzyirion "Ozzy"

Meet Ozzyirion! Ozzy is such a loving and energetic child. 

He enjoys traveling and doing adventurous things. He sometimes has trouble with getting along with children his age or younger than him but does well with older youth. He can be outgoing but display such shy behavior when he is not too familiar with you. Ozzy has a special talent for drawing. He can dance and loves learning new dances that are trending. Ozzy enjoys going to Karate camp. He loves learning new moves and competing in different competitions as it challenges his abilities and allows him to demonstrate what he has been learning to showcase his talent to others. Ozzy is well-bonded with his two sisters and wishes to continue contact with them once he is adopted. An ideal family for Ozzy would be a two-parent family-like setting home. Ozzy has never experienced having a mother and father living under the same roof which exemplifies what a family should be like. A family that can provide him with much love, attention, and care would be beneficial to him.

Photographed By: Sabrinna with Little's Photography, Michael Murphy Photographic Studio and Courtney Studios

Ozzyirion Age: 10

Video: Forever Family: Ozzy – NBC 6 South Florida (nbcmiami.com)

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