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**MATCHED** Brandon

-MATCHED- Meet Brandon! Brandon has a fantastic personality. 

Everyone who meets him loves him. He has a great sense of humor and is very loving and caring. Brandon is also helpful and tries to follow the rules. Brandon displays a level of perseverance and resilience that most adults could only hope to have. Brandon is very athletic. Although he hasn't had the opportunity to play organized sports so far in his life. If given the opportunity and proper training, he would excel. Brandon loves learning. He is a phenomenal leader. Brandon enjoys playing board games, watching movies, and playing football and basketball. It is Brandon's biggest dream to be able to play on a football team. He loves watching football as well! His favorite teams are the Cleveland Browns, San Francisco 49ers, and the Dallas Cowboys. Current interests and coping skills include coloring and counting. Brandon has previously attended martial arts classes. He used to have a punching bag and boxing gloves. He really enjoys boxing and martial arts. He loves math, and he's becoming an excellent reader who enjoys books. Brandon would do wonderfully in a family with a mother and a father, and possibly a small number of siblings. Ideally, the family would like to cook great meals at home and go to nice restaurants occasionally. Brandon loves going out to eat. Brandon would like to be with a family who enjoys sports as much as he does. He would do well with a family who has an active life and sometimes goes on vacations. Brandon would prefer his own room, but he would be able to share with a similar age brother. 

Photographed By: ChildNet

Age: 10

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