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Jojo & Talia

Meet Joseph but prefers Jojo and her sister Talia!

 Jojo is very resilient. She is very outgoing, outspoken and has a friendly personality. Jojo likes to take charge and be independent. She's very creative and artistic. Jojo, and her sister watched just about every horror movie there is. Jojo is obsessed with horror movies and figurines. Jojo wants to be an actress or horror movie director.

She tries her best to do well in school. She is very well-liked by her teachers. Her favorite movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Jojo's favorite foods are pizza, pancakes, and steak.

Talia can be reluctant, shy, and timid. At other times, she can be engaging and friendly. As long as Jojo is around her, she makes friends and will join in activities. Talia is very self-conscious about her looks. Talia doesn't like boys or men with their shirts off. She doesn't like alcohol being in the house. It brings back the bad memories of her mother. Talia gives up easily when she feels a task is too difficult or gets frustrated.

Talia likes to play with her dolls, watch Disney movies, play on her computer and play with her younger cousins. Talia likes yoga. Talia's favorite foods are spaghetti, salad and tuna fish. Talia likes Dr. Seuss books.

Photographed By: Johnny Leon with Michael Murphy Photography

Jojo: Age 13

Talia: Age 11

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