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Meet Millicen! Millicen is the type of youth that will brighten anyone's day.

He is often described as lovable, funny, and charismatic about life. One thing Millicen is serious about is his education. He likes going to school and enjoys many different subjects. Millicen will engage in a meaningful conversation about things happening in today's world and will make his point known. He will not only win your heart but your taste buds and stomach too. Millicen loves to cook and would rather cook at home than eat out at fast food restaurants. He feels that being healthy is one of your greatest assets. Millicen would like to see new places and would not mind traveling as he wants to have new experiences in life. He is self-motivated and has big plans for his future. Millicen is looking forward to meeting a great family!

Photographed By: ChildNet

AGE: 16

Meet Millicen


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