FLITE Center

The FLITE Center is a central resource for young people in Broward County’s dependency system, offering a single, convenient point of access to the broad range of services and support they need to become successful adults. We offer a safe, nurturing environment that promotes personal growth at the same time that it develops practical skills. Moreover, by bringing multiple services together into a single facility, we simplify and streamline the assistance process.


Volunteer Needs

The College Boost Program (CBP) was implemented to give TIL youths ages 17-23 who have aged out of foster care in Broward County an opportunity to obtain their GED.  Following this success, these students are encouraged and supported in their efforts to pursue post-secondary education.


  •  Provide academic support in Math, Reading and English
  • Minimum one day per week commitment
  • Mon-Thurs 9:30am-1:30pm and Mon-Thurs 2:00pm-6:00pm


Contact Information

Individual who wish to volunteer at FLITE Center.

Point of Contact Tricia Cepeda, TIL Educational Coordinator at 954-530-4686 or 954-625-3369.

Email: tricia@flitecenter.org