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Azoriana & Shameer

Meet Axoriana and Shameer! 

Azoriana is a loving and caring sister, she is very close to her siblings. She is goal oriented, and is interested in cheerleading, gymnastics, drawing, and arts/crafts. Azoriana is very vocal about her needs and wants. She can advocate for herself in a respectful manner. Azoriana takes pride in her academic performance and is always pushing herself to do better. She is currently enrolled in advanced classes. She dislikes Math but enjoys Science. Azoriana is very easy going and can connect with people easily. Azoriana would benefit from a two-parent home and gaining the experience of having a male figure in her life as a father.

Shammer is a lovely young boy who is always smiling and loves trucks and dinosaurs. Shammer loves to be active, he enjoys playing outside, and is getting better at sharing his toys. He enjoys having outings to the beach and other outdoor places. Shammer is very resilient and is not afraid to display his emotions. He is a loving and caring brother; he is very close to his siblings. Shammer would benefit from a two-parent home.

Photographed By: ChildNet

Azoriana Age: 11

Shameer Age: 5


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