**MATCHED** Meet Hendrex! Hendrex is a loveable, goofy child.

He loves to help people when he is not distracted by video games and TV's. Hendrex likes engineering tasks, enjoys playing games, and wants to join robotics clubs. Hendrex loves to sing and dance; he would love to take some music lessons to see if that is something he wants to pursue in the future. He is into robotics and loves to build things. Hendrex is a great reader; he can finish a book within a week if he has the time. Hendrex stated he would like a full, complete family. He would like a mom, dad, brother(s) and sister(s). He would like a father that would interact with him. Hendrex is looking for a family that could love him equally and be patient with him, that can meet all his mental, physical, and emotional needs.

Photographed By: Johnny Leon with Michael Murphy Photography

AGE: 12

 NBC 6 Video 08/25/2022: Forever Family: Hendrix – NBC 6 South Florida (nbcmiami.com)

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